Código Do Bem

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"Código Do Bem" is a QR Code that allows you to identify an object, person or pet.

In case of loss, the person who finds the object may return it to the owner.

If people or pets go missing, you can quickly contact the family.

See the webpage and buy your own at Código Do Bem.

The application is developed with Django, using PostgreSQL as object-relational database.

Technologies - Front End

  • HTML, CSS (Bulma framework), vanilla JS with HTMX for AJAX requests to the backend.
  • Cloudinary for image storage and manipulation in the e-commerce section.

Technologies - Back End

  • Django framework for the web application.
  • Python for QRCode generation and for the communication via REST API with the payment gateway MercadoPago, the biggest in the LATAM region for processing payments.
  • Django REST framework for object serialization.
  • PostgreSQL as application database, with nightly backups (custom bash script) to a MinIO server, an S3 compatible object storage.
  • Docker is used to package the application to a container (Ubuntu based), with an automatic Github action to push the image to ghcr.io registry.
  • NGINX as reverse proxy for Gunicorn (serving Django application), running on a VPS server (x86_64, 16GB, 6 cores).
  • Cloudflare for DNS management and WAF.
  • Mailgun for email sending via API.
  • Background tasks are managed for simplicity via an open source library called Huey; Celery can also be used.
  • Redis server for caching and Huey broker.

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Thomas Cenni
Thomas Cenni is an Electronic Engineer with more than 20 years of experience in program management and software engineering. Passionate about software engineering and development, experienced leader with a strong background in the end-to-end lifecycle of product development, he is also a certified SAFe® 6 agilist. Entrepreneur, credible and highly motivated, he showed a great ability to adapt to various cultures and countries, assuming different roles and challenges in Italy, Brazil and France. He is fluent in English, French, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese.