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Deploy Umami on Render

Umami is an open source, privacy-focused alternative to Google Analytics.

Umami  Render  Docker 
Setting a MinIO bucket for anonymous download

MinIO is a high-performance object storage compatible with Amazon S3 API.

MinIO  S3 
Installing InvoicePlane with Caprover

InvoicePlane is a self-hosted open source application for managing your quotes, invoices, clients and payments.

InvoicePlane  Caprover  Docker  Alpine Linux 
Self hosting Plausible with Caprover

Plausible Analytics is a simple, open-source, lightweight and privacy-friendly web analytics alternative to Google Analytics.

Plausible  Caprover  Docker 
Deploy a Django application with Caprover

Caprover is an open source tool which allows you to build your own PaaS server to host any type of applications and databases (NodeJS, Python, PHP, ASP.NET, Ruby, MySQL, MongoDB, Postgres, etc).

Django  Caprover  Docker 
Thomas Cenni
Thomas Cenni is an Electronic Engineer with more than 20 years of experience in program management and software engineering. Passionate about software engineering and development, experienced leader with a strong background in the end-to-end lifecycle of product development, he is also a certified SAFe® 6 agilist. Entrepreneur, credible and highly motivated, he showed a great ability to adapt to various cultures and countries, assuming different roles and challenges in Italy, Brazil and France. He is fluent in English, French, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese.