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Latest Projects

Parking solution for SME

Officially, only in the state of São Paulo, there are 6.983 parkings that employ 36000 people. But these data are underestimated because there are many parkings that are not attached to any trade union organization. With the economic crisis due to COVID-19 pandemic, I started thinking in solutions that could benefit these small to medium-sized enterprises in managing their business with a cheap and ecological solution.

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Hair salon ERP

Hair salons in Brazil are mostly managed by people with lower education or limited skills in finance and business administration. In order to empower these people and help them in administrating their small company, I developed a solution to manage their clients, the suppliers, the stock of the products, the services and to calculate the employees commission.

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Neurosurgery EMR

There are different solutions in the market to address electronic medical records (EMRs) but most of them are generic and don't correspond to the real need of the medical doctors. For an interventional neurodiadology department, I developed a custom database to manage patients, clinical diagnosis, types of interventions and medical devices, clinical and technical complications, agenda and reminder for patients follow-up. The tool also generated different type of charts related to predefined KPI (Key Performance Indicators) easily embeddable in medical presentations (Powerpoint or Keynote).

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