Self hosting Plausible with Caprover

Plausible Analytics is a simple and privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics.

They offer a free Plausible Analytics Self-Hosted, that it’s exactly the same code as their Cloud solution, but you have to install on your server.

As a fan of Caprover, that I use everyday to manage my web applications, and after looking at the official Caprover repository for one-click apps, I found that Plausible was missing, so I decided to write the template.

On their offical repository there is a docker-compose.yml file that I used as starting point to transform in a one-click Caprover app, but the GeoLite2 database created by MaxMind for enriching analytics data with visitor countries was not present.

So, looking at the self hosted guides available in their documentation, I came up with a plausible.yml template:

Simply copy and paste this template in Caprover, and you'll have a self hosted analytics application up and running!

Then follow their guide to add your first website, and copy the automatically generated snippet in the <head> tag of your website.

EDIT: as if today, 31/10/2020, the Plausible template is already available in the official repository. Simply search for the app inside Caprover installation:

Select an app name - can be plausible 😀 - and deploy!