Deploy Umami on Render

Umami is a great piece of open source software, a privacy-focused alternative to Google Analytics.

I use it to track visitors on the website of my Brazilian startup Código Do Bem and company page TICI Tecnologia; for this personal blog I'm using another open source analytics software called Plausible.

Until now I was using the Railway service, which works great but the free tier rapidly goes out of limits (in execution hours, not in free credits available).

So i decided to have a look at Render and was surprised on how is simple (even than Railway) to deploy the Umami software using their blueprint specification.

I created the following render.yaml file:

It basically uses the free plan (you don't even need to put your credit card) to create a PostgreSQL database (umami-db service) and to run the official Umami Docker image (umami service), defined in the Dockerfile available in this repository:


To deploy to your Render account, just click on the following button:

Deploy to Render

or visit for more information.